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Experience in innovation – this allows EMAG AG.

The globally active company specializing in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of products the latest ultrasonic and ultraviolet technology. The product range includes ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning of even the smallest parts, UV light curing and dental micro cleaning devices and micro-massage devices based on ultrasound. Application-specific cleaning fluids and preparations round off the product range.

Applications for products of the EMAG AG can be found in households and hobby, workshops and industry, laboratory, medical and dental offices. In addition, the company develops customized solutions for industry.
EMAG AG has more than 20 patents and is certified according to the new provisions of the DIN EN ISO 9001-2008.


The Emmi Ultrasonic based in USA, Switzerland and Germany that specializes in development, production and worldwide distribution of innovative Ultraschallgeräten- and procedures. The patented Emmi ultrasound products are characterized, inter alia, to extremely miniaturized ultrasonic chips and technological innovations of which are used since 2008 for cleaning, prophylaxis and therapy in oral and dermatologic applications.
The companies within the Emmi Ultrasonic company holds a majority stake EMAG AG GROUP, Morfelden-Waldorf (Germany) and deal exclusively in the area of ​​Health-Beauty-Spa. They deal since 2005 with the development of new, revolutionary ultrasonic technologies for oral hygiene and dental cleaning. The basics of this innovation are the Members of the extensive experience of the group in the fields of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in hospitals, cleaning engine in racing among others Ferrari, in the industry at Ford Automobile and engine cleaning baths in aviation as Lufthansa and Air France.
Founder and principal shareholder of EMAG AG group of companies and the Emmi Ultrasonic company is Bülent Emekci, developer & electrical engineer.
The Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Emmi Ultrasonic AG, Basel / Switzerland.
The aim of the group is to use innovative technologies and products with ultrasound to improve the lives of all people and to facilitate their use by anyone at home. Permanent efforts of the group of companies in research and development leading to more and more new, innovative applications of ultrasound for health and beauty, which significantly improve the quality of life. The possibilities of the use of ultrasound in these areas are at the beginning and will make in the near and distant future for many surprises.


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